Caméo Moscow Villas

Москва, ЦАО, Хамовники, Олсуфьевский переулок
Лот: Lot:  26

Планировкой предусмотрена просторная кухня-столовая-гостиная, три спальни с санузлами и большая гардеробная комната. Выполнен авторский ремонт с применением дорогих материалов: мрамор, дуб, орех, керамика.


MetroMayakovskaya AddressCAO, st. Dolgorukovskaya, ow. 23A / 1 Year of completion II quarter. 2021 Deluxe class Caméo is inspired by the upmarket lifestyle of New York and London, as well as the architectural style of Tuscan residences. From this unique combination, delicately adapted to the Moscow environment, a completely new Moscow Villas format was born. A closed complex of 17 villas with high ceilings up to 4.2 m and underground parking located just three minutes from Mayakovskaya. The villas form a cohesive ensemble, with a private park and designer garden with seasonal plants. Each house has its own cozy front yard, and behind the house, unusual for Moscow, is a patio (or back yard) — a plot of land hidden from the eyes, where the city sounds do not reach. Being in the very center, here you will feel the solitude and tranquility inherent in a country residence. Landscaping creates its own cozy space in front of each villa — the front yard, or guest yard. Here, sitting in a wicker chair with a cup of coffee, it is pleasant to observe the inner life of Caméo. The front yard adjoins a gallery with arches and granite floors. This is the entrance to the villa. This is a territory of cool shade, filled with air and reliably protecting from the sun. The patio, or back yard, is the plot of land behind the villa. For the center of Moscow, this is a completely unique phenomenon, your own piece of nature, which you can arrange to your liking. An oasis of blissful peace alone, a corner for a private conversation or a place for a friendly party — in any capacity, the back yard will be irreplaceable. The terraces on the 3rd floor of the three-storey villas, with Tuscan-style arcades, are a special advantage of Caméo. The privacy and tranquility of a country residence in the city center. From here you can take a quiet individual elevator down to the underground parking or to the living room to warm up by the fireplace. The Caméo has a noble garden, to which flow paths paved with granite to match the facades of the villas. The garden is designed by landscape architects and forms a harmonious composition with the villas. Trees adjoin the garden, forming a cozy park. Cool shadow, birdsong, blooming undergrowth — this fabulous picture is complemented by round water mirrors, which reflect the sky, tree crowns and miniature sculptures. Some villas have a separate entrance from the patio to the park. The whole family can relax among the wildlife — there is also a playground here. At Caméo, you can design your interior without restrictions, for example, remove the elevator or move the stairs. There are no capital structures between the load-bearing walls. Neighboring villas can be easily combined into a large household if desired. The villas are rented out without finishing, which allows the owners to create their dream home. The interiors are designed in collaboration with Woodstone. Service in Caméo is provided by the best management company in the premium segment of Moscow — Sawatzky Property Management. A comfort manager is on duty at the service entrance. He knows everything about the villas and constantly interacts with the security service, technicians, butler, porter and drivers. He is the key person in the Caméo service system. Butler Caméo knows you by sight and can even predict your mood. He invariably meets you and your guests at the front door — he politely greets, invites you inside, helps you carry things, and escorts you to the very door of your villa.


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