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The largest Businessclub coworking network for Yandex
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The largest Businessclub coworking network for Yandex

BusinessClub network coworking opened in Moscow-City. With an area of ​​4,500 square meters, the entire BusinessClub network project will be occupied by Yandex.
Coworking has become the largest part of the network. Over an area of ​​4,500 square meters, there are more than 800 workstations and multilevel functional spaces for informal work areas and leisure. The center of attraction for residents is the core of space, which is characterized by mobility and functionality. If necessary, the premises can easily be transformed into an event venue suitable for any format: from lectures to concerts.
The unique solution is complemented by popular functionality –14 meeting rooms with glass partitions and 7 skype cubicles are equipped within the coworking. The concept of the project is no offices and closed areas. Informal areas are represented by lounges and coffee points, fully equipped with necessary furniture and appliances.
The company announced plans for further development in the office segment for corporate clients. The stimulus for the opening of a new large site was the goal of becoming a market leader in organizing the workspace for various kinds of business. Having studied the best examples and adopted world-class experience in the construction and functioning of sharing workspaces, the company created its own innovative style of exclusive workplaces. In the near future, the network plans to increase the total area of ​​its projects to 30 thousand square meters.
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